When Did Smartphones Become Popular

Do you know when and where did the first smartphones were invented? Am sure not. Let’s talk about the first time a smartphone was invented by Motorola in 1973. The first hand-made smartphone was made by Martin Cooper, one of the biggest company’s engineers, on the Dyna-TAC 8000X. Also, find out: When Did Smartphones Become Popular?

In this post, we will briefly discuss smartphones, the basics of smartphones, the advantages or disadvantages of smartphones, and also discuss when and where smartphones became popular. Continue reading to discover more about the evolution of smartphones.

When and Where Did Smartphones Become Popular?

Dyna-TAC 8000X

Martin Cooper (the former Motorola vice president) was the first to invent the smartphone and made the first phone call on an analog Dyna-TAC phone on April 3, 1973. It was first commercially available in 1983. The basic term smartphone gained ground in the 90’s. It was bigger in size than today’s smartphone, and the majority of people cannot afford it.

Smartphones became more widely available and popular in the 2000s. Smartphones are such an advanced invention of that year. In June of that year, Apple announced the iPhone, which totally changed how you live, how you use other devices, and also how you interact with your devices. When the iPhone was released, it was described as having quality and more advanced features.

First Smartphone with internet

The first mobile phone with internet access started to be available in the mid-1990s. Nokia, a popular Finnish smartphone manufacturer, took the lead and introduced its first commercially available mobile with internet capabilities, the “9000 Communicator”. It was released in 1996 and came with features for web browsing and email.

This phone dominated for almost a decade before the arrival of the iPhone, made by Apple. Having a similar design to modern-day laptops, it came with a bigger screen and a full QWERTY-style keyboard.

When Did Smartphones Become Popular

Who Invented Smartphone Touchscreen?

IBM presented Simon Personal Communicator

In November 1992, IBM presented the Simon Personal Communicator, the first ever finger-operated touchscreen-equipped mobile. Although it was not commercially successful because of its limited battery life, it paved the way for touchscreen-interface phones to be built with improved technology.

When Did Smartphone Become Affordable?

The high cost of production was a major concern for the industry in the early era of smartphone commercialization. People were reluctant to adopt new technology due to the higher price. To cope with this issue, commercial companies started to introduce plans, offering a lower price to buy. In a short period of time, competition generates improved quality and ultimately lower prices for consumers.

In 1997, Nokia’s 6110 became the game changer when it was launched with a price of $200, including the purchase of a cell service contract for individual customers. During this period, the company had significant sales growth because of the competitive pricing of their phones.

When did iPhone become popular?

In January 2007, the executive chairman of Apple, Steve Jobs, revealed the iPhone, saying, The iPhone is an exhaustive and incredible thing that is actually six years ahead of any other phone. It also said it was the most expensive iPhone in the world.

In 2008, Google launched the Microsoft operating system, which offers fast IOS and gained popularity among smartphone users. In October 2008, Apple revealed it sold 4.5 million iPhones in the summer season. It is true that it is the most expensive and widely sold iPhone in the world. In 2010, Apple launched another booster iPhone, the iPad.

Difference Between Smartphones and Cell Phones


The first version describes smartphones as mobile phones that provide some extra-ordinary features in a small device. It comes with a virtual touchscreen interface to use functions like emailing, web browsing, apps, social media, etc. Smartphones use operating systems to provide these functionalities. Android by Google and iOS by Apple are most widely used in smartphones. It is more versatile and popular than simple cell phones.

Cell Phones

As you compare cell phones to smartphones, there is a huge difference between them. Cell phones provide the ability to just dial the call using cellular networks and write text messages on a real keyboard. It does not have advanced features.

Why Did Smartphones Become So Popular?

Smartphones started gaining popularity right after they became more affordable and accessible. Competitors like Apple, Samsung, Nokia, and Motorola made serious efforts to produce phones with more advanced features at a low price.

In 2007, Apple introduced the first iPhone, a smartphone with tremendous features that was way ahead of its predecessors. Advanced features and better technology led to an enormous breakthrough for the modern smartphone.

Powerful Hardware

Hardware is a set of instructions that tells a smartphone that hardware continues to improve your speed, quality, complex programs, and applications.

Network of the Internet

Connecting to the internet was a critical area in the popularity of smartphones. 4G is fast and quick access to the internet, but at this time, 5G technology is around the corner, so users can expect fast and more reliable connections.

Secure Things

Your personal data or images Companies are working hard to provide more secure and safe data that protects users; this is your first responsibility.

Entertainment Time

There is no time for entertainment; smartphones play an important role in entertainment. They allowed people to watch live streams on YouTube, watch Instagram reels, and listen to the music. They combined entertainment in one category.

Cost of a Smartphone

Companies could have different designs of smartphones that also have different prices because every design could be different from the others. When the first iPhone hit the market, they were going for 4GB for $499 or 8GB for $699. They mean Apple sold a lot of designs in millions.

Habits of Smartphones – Disadvantages

The habit of using smartphones is a big addiction to your popularity. In this generation, your growing popularity has yet to have a positive effect on society at large. There are several ways in which the smartphone’s popularity has negatively impacted it.

A good range of road accidents and driving issues have been caused by smartphone addiction. The main famous habits forming and dangerous use of smartphones are like social media, chat, calls, and games. You can check your smartphone addiction scale online and avoid possible negative effects on your personality.

Social Media–Addiction

This generation has a lot of users of social media, and it just wastes time. Social media is one of the best ways to engage with trends, news, dramas, movies, and novels. But a lot of use is called addiction.

Excessive use of social media may have a negative impact on your mental health. It creates many problems or issues, like depression, headaches, anxiety, suicide, and loneliness. It takes time for you to avoid it.

Chatting Box or Calls-Addiction

Chatting or calling is one of the best ways to stay connected to others and develop good communication skills. It is one of the most highly used estimates of the number one smartphone function.

Addiction to texting causes road accidents, sleep problems, and misunderstanding. During driving, the use of smartphones is reported to cause over 400 deaths annually in the state alone.


Game addiction is another way of wasting time and becoming an addict to smartphones. People use it negatively and just waste time; take it positively.

Establish Business Using Smartphones

Creating business through your smartphone is a smart way to build your business. A smartphone is always in your hand, whether you work online or take physical. 

Smartphones have been an excellent investment for employers. There is no need to go to the office the whole day; just stay home and do what you want.

Pros and Cons of Smartphone

Do a part-time job and do online learning.Too much use is addiction.
It’s an easy way to generate passive income.Stay attentive to your children.
Explore new things and marketing tools.Create problems for yourself.
Maintain constant contact with family.Much use is a waste of time.
Engage with new trends and news on Google.Increased usage is a weakness of eye light.

Final Thoughts

Positively, the smartphone is an excellent invention that has led to a drastic change in our lifestyle. In spite of some disadvantages, we need to balance and adopt this technology for our own good, both socially and economically.

Overuse of smartphones is called addiction and creates mental health issues like anxiety, depression, headaches, etc. So, avoid becoming addicted to them and keep using them in a positive way.

Imagining a future without these devices is both good and bad. Living without cellphones is unimaginable to many, causing dread and uncertainty. Others believe such a reality will improve society.

As technology continues, cellphones are firmly ingrained in our lives. As the world spins, we go onward. We must find a balance between using technology and cherishing the relationships that bonded us before these devices entered our wallets. Hopefully you’ve got enough knowledge about evolution, specifically when did smartphones become popular.

Important FAQ’s

1. When did smartphones become popular?

The mobile phone’s meteoric rise to prominence began in the ‘ late 1990s and early 2000s. It was largely due to smaller, cheaper models, better network coverage, and text messaging, significantly altering professional, social, and personal interactions.

2. When did texting become popular?

Texting surged in the early 2000s due to user-friendly keyboards, low-cost plans, and quick, brief texts, influencing widespread usage among younger generations.

3. Who was the first person to use a mobile phone?

The first hand-made smartphone was made by Martin Cooper, one of the biggest company engineers on the DynaTac 8000X.

4. When did mobile Internet start?

Mobile internet, also known as mobile web or WAP, emerged in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Its development was marked by the introduction of 2G networks, followed by 3G networks in the early 2000s, which improved internet experiences, data speeds, and applications.

5. Why do students use smartphones?

Students use smartphones to improve skills and learning in education because anything on Google can help them explore what they want and need.

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