In a brief timeframe, YouTube developed from being an essential video-sharing site to an immense virtual entertainment center that energizes associations. YouTube is the second-most well-known programme, with 2.6 billion month-to-month dynamic clients, as indicated by Statista information for 2022. Let’s find out what is a highlighted comment on YouTube.

As per Tubics, since around August 2022, more than 51 million YouTube channels have been available. To make money or simply for fun, all YouTubers create videos and advertise their material on the platform.

“Highlighted Comment” is a brand-new feature that YouTube just unveiled. It has caused much confusion among individuals all across the world. Comments that are bolded on YouTube have various uses. Be that as it may, essentially, their motivation is to cause you to notice the comment so you might answer it.

For the evasion of uncertainty, they are private, and you just approach them. The significance of the highlighted platform remarks is explained in greater detail below.

What does a YouTube comment that has been highlighted mean?

YouTube’s newest feature that makes navigating easier is comment highlighting. A YouTube comment may be highlighted to make it stand out from the rest of the comments, making it simpler to discover as a result. Anyone could highlight a remark in any video, regardless of whether they created it or are simply casual viewers.

What highlighted comments on YouTube Signifies?

There are several meanings that might be inferred when you notice “Highlighted Remark” above a comment and next to a user’s username.

A notice could be sent to you, for instance, if someone responds to your remark on a video. That remark will be marked with the “Highlighted Comment” label whenever you click on the site, which makes it easier for you to locate. The same holds true if it is your video and someone leaves a comment; once you tap on the notice, the remark will be highlighted just at the peak of the area, so you may more readily react to it.

No matter whether it is your video or not, whenever you hit on a particular comment timestamp, it also promotes that remark and moves it to the top of the comment area, also above a bookmarked comment. The presence of highlighted comments on YouTube may be explained by a variety of factors, but they primarily serve to make it easier for you to find and engage with relevant comments.

Remember that doing so will cause the video to refresh and send a notice to the comment’s creator that reads “Highlighted Reply” when it does. The purpose of YouTube’s highlighted comments, which are primarily artificial features, is to facilitate navigation on the site. They do not result from someone choosing to make your remark on a specific video more apparent since they are neither excellent nor terrible.

Furthermore, if you’re a viewer or a creator, highlighted comments may be useful when you engage with or create videos, particularly when such videos include a large number of comments, which are otherwise practically hard to navigate through.

How can I make a YouTube comment highlighted?

  • Go to the video’s comment area by scrolling down.
  • Select the statement that you wish to emphasise. You simply need to press the timestamp beside the user’s profile on YouTube after you’ve decided on one. A message from your login with a “Highlighted reply” will be delivered to the person who posted the remark.
  • The page will update instantly when you click it. Additionally, YouTube will generate a new URL automatically. Below the video, drop down to the feedback area. As soon as you click on a comment, you’ll see that it has been highlighted.

Advantages of a highlighted comment on YouTube

  • The advantage to the viewer who highlighted a remark is clear. A notice with the words “Highlighted Reply” will appear when someone replies to their remark.
  • The person who owns the video, however, is the one who really benefits from this function. When a remark is highlighted by the video owner, it is easier for them to locate it later and respond to it in the flood of comments.
  • Only the browsing process is made simpler and more efficient. It is simpler to find the pinned comment since the highlighted comments have been moved above it. When a comment is highlighted, YouTube generates a unique URL for it. You must change the URL back to its initial format in order to reverse it.
  • YouTubers may now more easily sift out critical but constructive feedback thanks to the highlighted comment function.
  • Prior to the implementation of this feature, it was difficult to explore, locate, and reply to comments that were significant.

How can I handle YouTube in a technical way?

It’s crucial to remember that a highlighted remark on YouTube doesn’t always signify positive or negative things. Additionally, you won’t be permitted to purposefully add a highlighted remark. It’s a facility that, to put it more simply, could make it simple for you to locate the comments about which you were alerted.
Stack or another complex tool must be used if you wish to utilise YouTube in a comprehensive fashion. Unlike any other browser you’ve used before, Stack is a brand-new sort of browser. You may quickly see windows next to one another, for instance, by using the Stack browser. Additionally, if you have numerous accounts, you may use them all at once to check on every highlighted remark.

Fortunately, you can use those abilities with any programme and site you can imagine, not simply YouTube. In the event that you’re quick to check it out, be sure to demand admittance to Stack Later at the earliest opportunity. On the off chance that you’re quick to check it out, be sure to demand admission to Stack Later straightaway.


In comparison to “spotlighted,” “highlighted” in YouTube comments more closely resembles “bookmarked.” A remark that has been highlighted may be used to pinpoint a particular comment. If you wish to respond to a comment later, it might be helpful to bookmark it.
Additionally, you may wish to attract attention to a remark made by someone else, and providing that person with a URL is a great way to do so. If your YouTube comments are not showing, then click here.

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